February 1, 2012



NAIMAH FULLER is the producer/writer/director of this incredible documentary. Five years in the making, the savvy producer has finally completed post production, and is currently gearing up of a national promotion campaign to all the cities that were featured in the documentary movie: Including New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago. The producer is currently reviewing distribution options with the anticipation of a soon-to-be announced release date. HOME - THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE explores the "push-pull:" factors associated with the NEW GREAT MIGRATION of African Americans relocating to the southern regions of the U.S. The documentary connects the dots between this mass migration and the historical Great Migration of the mid-twentieth century, when nearly seven million black folks left the south and moved to the north and the west. The project asks the poignant question: Why are African Americans migrating to the South in the 21st century? HOME - The Documentary Movie features Maya Angelou, Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, DJ Drama, Terence Blanchard, Julie Dexter, and Okeeba Jublio, who are among those who share their migration stories.

BASHIRI JOHNSON, veteran recording and performing artist is the Musical Director of HOME THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE, bringing more than thirty years experience in the recording industry to the project. Affectionately known as "Bash" to his peers, he has graced the stage with some of the recording industry's most admired artists, including Sting, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Steve Winwood, Anita Baker, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Angelique Kidjo, Toshi Kubota, Maxwell, Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Carol King, James Taylor, Sade, Aretha Franklin, Blues Traveler, Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie, just to mention a few. As musical director of this historical project, Bashiri is already busy composing music for the project, including the title song, "HOME".

MICHELLE MATERRE is Marketing & Distribution Consultant for the project. Ms. Materre's career in the film and television industry spans more then twenty years. Materre has managed the marketing, positioning and distribution for some twenty-five film projects, including the highly acclaimed L'Homme Sur Les Quais. She is Executive Director of International Film Seminars, as well as the Harlem Film Festival series.

TERENCE BLANCHARD is one of he jazz world's most renowned musician/composers. His band is in constant demand, and performs around the globe. Terence is also one of the most sought after composers in the motion picture industry. His filmography reads like the who's who in motion picture score compositions. Terence will contribute his musical artistry to the score in HOME-THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE.

AMBASSADOR ANDREW YOUNG whose work in the Civil Rights Movement with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., helped prepare the south for the 21st century. Ambassador Young shares is perspective on how this mass migration of African Americans is part of Dr. King's dream of the "promised land".

However, President OBAMA reminds us that in spite of all the accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans have not reached the promised land. As economic and political issues impact public policies that continue to reshape black communities across the U.S., these and other "push-pull" factors are explored in this incredible documentary film HOME THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE.

DR. HOWARD DODSON, is the Director of the SCHOMBURG CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN BLACK CULTURE.Co-author of the acclaimed National Geographic publication IN MOTION: THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MIGRATION EXPERIENCE, Dr. Dodson brings his expertise to this historical documentary project, and paints a picture of ethnic and cultural diversity of the current black population in the U.S. that has never been greater, or richer.

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